June 16, 2024

Texas political newcomer Cheryl Bean, who will take part in a legislative primary runoff later this month, has repeated her opposition to casino resorts in the state.

Cheryl Bean
Cheryl Bean, pictured above. In her race for a spot in the Texas House, she is opposing casinos. (Image: Texas Right to Life)

In her race to capture the Republican nomination for the Texas House District 97 seat, she recently told CBS News in Texas, “I’m not a fan of gambling.”

One of her objections is that with casinos, the jobs created lead to more union activity. The jobs may be filled by illegal migrants coming across the border, she said. “It gives them a pathway to citizenship,” Bean added about the migrants.

Beyond that, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, also a Republican, is opposed to gambling legislation. He’s said it won’t pass as long as he stays in office and dominates the state Senate. Patrick has endorsed Bean in the primary.

Waste of Money

“It’s a moot point and a waste of taxpayer money to go down that path,” Bean said about casino resort proposals.

Also, gambling is currently available in nearby states with travel times of just two or three hours from anywhere in Texas.

“That’s fine with me,” Bean said.

Bean will face John McQueeney in the May 28 Republican primary. Another key issue in the race is border security.

The House seat is currently held by state Rep. Craig Goldman, a Republican who is seeking to get elected to Congress.

Gambling Proposals

As it now stands, Class III (commercial casino) gambling is prohibited in Texas. So too are online sports gambling and in-person sports gambling at sportsbooks.

During the Texas Legislature’s 2023 session, a bill, that eventually died would have paved the way for a constitutional amendment on the construction and operation of several destination resort casinos. Legislation to permit online sports gambling in Texas narrowly passed in the Texas House, but died in the Texas Senate. If ever approved by the legislature, the measures still would require support by voters during a referendum.

In March, Las Vegas Sands filed a new petition to bring casino gaming to Texas. Many lobbyists have been working on the issue in the state and new legislative proposals are likely in upcoming sessions.

Expanded gaming is in Texas’ future, the only question is when, University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus recently told Casino.org. He explained that casino gaming is a big change and will take a few legislative sessions to pass.

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