June 16, 2024

National attention

The sudden fall of a prominent figure in a position of trust in Indiana’s Morgan County has attracted national attention. Federal prosecutors have charged an ex-assistant school head of running an illegal online gambling operation.

WRTV reported last week that Morgan County prosecutors hit former Paul Hadley Middle School assistant principal Timothy R. Vanwanzeele with a host of charges last May. These included: “Corrupt Business Influence, Money Laundering, Promoting Professional Gambling, and Professional Gambling Over the Internet.”

gambling activity took place from July 1, 2020 to November 26, 2023

The charges, all felonies, come on the back of an Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) online gambling probe. Authorities claim Vanwanzeele’s alleged gambling activity took place from July 1, 2020 to November 26, 2023.

School reacts fast

Mooresville Schools was quick to distance itself from Vanwanzeele. WRTV cited an email from the school body’s spokesperson Susan Haynes stating the ex-head was “no longer employed.” The former assistant principal’s attorney, meanwhile, stated Vanwanzeelet retired from the school district.

Attorney Eric Krupp said: “Tim does not have any comment or statement to make regarding the charges or accompanying probable cause affidavit that were filed in this matter.”

accounts and usernames under aliases including “RNav,” and “Kosmo1987”

The probable cause affidavit that reported the IGC’s Gaming Control Division in June 2021 launched a criminal investigation into poker site “DDDare Poker Club.” Linked to this, so the records allegedly show, is a Google trace to Vanwanzeele’s accounts and usernames under aliases including “RNav,” and “Kosmo1987.”

A search warrant issued by authorities discovered Vanwanzeele’s financial records showed he had received more than $201,342 in transfers from sources including service providers Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle.

Another charged

Alongside Vanwanzeele, the feds also charged Robert A. Vincent for running the illegal gambling operation. 

They accuse Vincent of receiving $1.7m in transfers to money transfer platforms to enable customers to access the “DDDare Poker Club on the Pokerrr2 App, burner telephone numbers, advertising and promotional expenses.”

 Vanwanzeele’s pre-trial is down for July 15, while an initial hearing for Vincent is scheduled for June 14.

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