June 16, 2024

Providing some ideas

A leading gambling addiction charity is calling on the UK government to introduce smoking-style warnings on gambling ads. GambleAware believes that the current “Take Time To Think” mandatory tagline is not enough to properly protect people from experiencing harm.

developed a new framework using an evidence-based approach

The organization has developed a new framework using an evidence-based approach to come up with some potential solutions. GambleAware also highlighted the importance of making changes as bettors will be subject to an increase in gambling ads with the Euro 2024 soccer tournament beginning on Friday.

Alternative options

GambleAware cited a study conducted by YouGov on its behalf in which over half of respondents said that seeing gambling ads makes it difficult to stop betting and a significant number of people struggle to avoid these types of messages.

All tobacco products are required to carry text and photo warnings about the health risks of smoking and include information on how to stop.

Some of its suggested slogans include “Gambling comes at a cost” or “Gambling can be addictive” which it sees as clearer health warnings and will be likelier to get people to seek help if they’re experiencing harm.

Biting back

Gambling operators came up with the “Take Time To Think” slogan in 2021 alongside the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC).

The trade association believes that the current message is an effective tool for promoting responsible betting; it was arrived upon after consulting with academics, the government, and even GambleAware. It replaced the previous “When the fun stops, stop” tagline.

GambleAware often takes flak for receiving financing directly from gambling operators, which has caused some people to question the motives behind its actions. It refuted allegations last month that it is failing its charitable duties and that its reliance on operators for funding has led to poor results. The government white paper suggested changing the voluntary levy model to a mandatory one.

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