July 21, 2024

An archbishop who claims God gave him the secret to winning at casinos is now prohibited from entering Zimbabwe gaming properties after collecting about $30K at one site.

Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa
Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, pictured above, was banned from casinos in Zimbabwe after winning a record jackpot. (Image: The Zimbabwe Mail.)

Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa won the record payout and began to celebrate, according to the UK Daily Star news outlet. But then he heard about the ban.

“They claim that since I am a prophet, I am receiving visions from God about the winning numbers. They fear they will go bankrupt because I will win too often,” Mutumwa said.

In an interview with B-Metro, a Zimbabwe news organization, Mutumwa described the ban as “utterly immoral and predatory.” He lashed out at the casinos.

They should understand that if you are playing and winning according to the house rules, the casino has no reason to kick you out. I did nothing wrong. I played a game, was congratulated for winning, and I’m surprised other local casinos no longer welcome me. So, I’m shocked that these people seem to only want people’s money and avoid payouts.”

Even casinos in another town forbid him from entering.

Record Win

Mutumwa reported that his $30K jackpot is a record for the gaming property.

I broke the previous record by almost double, and it was the biggest jackpot won on the site this year,” Mutumwa said.

He doesn’t take credit for the win, but says it was because of God’s inspiration.

“I prayed for guidance and the Lord provided the numbers through a vision,” Mutumwa was quoted by the Daily Star. “Isn’t it a blessing to use these winnings to uplift my congregation?”

At least some of the jackpot went to charity. These include school fees for children in his church, funds for church members to start businesses, and some to cover rent payments for needy families, he revealed.

As a prophet, the winning numbers were revealed to me in a vision. This wasn’t just luck, but a divine message. I saw it as an opportunity to use these winnings as a blessing for my congregation,” Mutumwa added.

He’s the spiritual leader of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect in the African nation.

Manager Defends Bans

An unnamed manager at a local casino said gaming properties often restrict or close accounts of consistent winners.

Once a customer is identified as highly successful, tipping the scales in their favor, operators can limit their betting amounts or shut them down entirely.”

“While it may seem unfair, it’s perfectly legal. There is nothing illegal about it and the right to do it is written in agencies’ terms and conditions,” the manager further told B-Metro.

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